“Its no exaggeration to say that this weekend was a life changing experience. Ollie’s knowledge and teaching style really made it fantastic. I can’t wait to put what i have learnt into practice.” Chris Barton

“Thank you for a magical experience, fabulous wild food and inspiring time spent walking barefoot in the woods. Ollie thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a heartfelt and warm way, it has changed the way I see the natural world and opened up a whole new connection – can’t wait to enjoy it for many years to come.” Verran Townsend

“A gift Ollie. So much more than a nature connections course. A wonderous, erudite and transforming weekend!” Tasha Seale

“It opened my eyes, it opened my ears and it opened my heart! I have discovered new landscapes inside and outside of me, and I have many new tools to explore them. A powerful weekend which has touched me on many levels.” Neo Salek

“We had no idea what to expect and will certainly be more aware when in the woods, and will learn the Robin, Blackbird and Wren songs. Have learnt a lot and will try again to get fire!” Jennifer and Peter

“I became really happy when practicing the techniques Ollie shared with us. Really genuinely major and life-changing experiences and teachings.” Anna Morgan

“Wonder-full and great!! I loved this weekend. We now have new eyes and will see all our walks differently.” Lee

“Thank you for your time, attention and patience… What a beautiful space, time just seems to have stood still for the entire weekend, I feel refreshed, renewed and re-connected to nature and all its wonders.” Amy

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