Nature Connections courses are ideal for all those who wish to deepen their relationship with nature.  Re-discover some of the skills that enabled our ancient ancestors to survive and thrive in the natural world. Learn how to move through the natural landscape in a way that enables you to blend into the environment around you and have closer encounters with wild animals, use your sense’s to their true potential, and read the track and signs that are laid out on the ground around you by knowing some of the basic skills of tracking.

Learn how to read the language of the birds, and use this knowledge to have a better understanding of what is going on around you, by beginning to decipher the messages they broadcast.

Explore how a deep knowledge of place can start you off on a life long journey of experiencing the endless and exciting mysteries that nature has for us to discover, and the joy that sharing these experiences with others can bring. Take home a tool kit of practical skills, techniques, games, sensory awareness, and other ancient technologies that can be passed on to friends and family to help us all re-connect with the natural world.

Up and coming courses:

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